What is a Snoring Clinic

A Snoring clinic is a place where your snoring can be properly assessed. This involves taking a very careful history including your sleeping habits, disturbance to your partner, disturbance of your own sleep, general health and weight. You are examined by a doctor with specialist knowledge of the many different causes of snoring. The examination will include a nasendoscopy. This is when a flexible telescope is passed through the nose and down the back of the throat to assess all the areas that may be causing the snoring noise. The doctor will then discuss with you the likely cause of your snoring and what can be done to help.

Who runs the Snoring Clinic

The Snoring Clinic has been set up by Ms Lucy Hicklin, a consultant ENT surgeon with a special interest in snoring problems. Ms Hicklin has been running a snoring clinic in the NHS for many years and is fully aquainted with surgical and non-surgical treatments for snoring. We also have a comprehensive support network set up with other specialists (sleep tests, jaw postioning, dietary advice) should this be needed.
Lucy Hicklin Consultant ENT Surgeon